One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services Small Business (OASIS SB)

Contract Number: GS00Q14OADS125

Core Disciplines

Program Management Services

Management Consulting Services

Scientific Services

Engineering Services

Logistics Services

Financial Management Services

OASIS Overview

Management Solutions Inc. (MSI)  is pleased to announce its selection as an award recipient for the GSA  One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services – Small Business (OASIS SB) for Pool 1.  MSI was selected from among 186 Pool 1 applicants.

The OASIS Small Business (SB) is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts that provide flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services. These contracts:

  • Span many areas of expertise and mission spaces;
  • Span multiple professional service disciplines;
  • Allow flexibility for all contract types, including hybrids and cost-reimbursement, at the task order level; and
  • Allow ancillary support components, commonly referred to as Other Direct Costs (ODC), at the task order level.

OASIS SB is designed to address agencies’ needs for a full range of service requirements that integrate multiple professional service disciplines and ancillary services/products with the flexibility for all contract types and pricing at the task order level.

The services to be provided under OASIS SB are intended to meet the professional service mission requirements of all Federal agencies, including all organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD) and National Security Community.  For more information please visit the GSA OASIS Website.