MSI Universal is a leading partner of the U.S. Federal Government providing creative, efficient and effective technology solutions. Our solutions are built on partnerships and teams that strengthen our ability to deliver appropriate technology and meet our mission: to help our clients achieve their success.

MSI has built a team to support and assist clients, delivering world-class IT services and solutions presenting the widest selection of capabilities and depth of talent. Our team embodies every functional area of expertise required to diligently and faithfully accomplish all anticipated work under solicited or non-solicited offers.

Our experience enables MSI to offer a full range of services from resolving a desktop incident to complex activities. We are proud of our record of completing projects on time, within budget, and in compliance with the highest standards of quality and performance.

MSI has the passion for performance and the right people to succeed. MSI brings highly skilled and qualified personnel with relevant knowledge and expertise in IT Systems, Management, Security, Assurance and Governance.

MSI’s Staff earn the highest certifications and educational levels in the following business and mission IT services areas:

· Processing Analysis and Automation
· Software Development
· Cyber Security
· Data/Systems Migrations
· Infrastructure Support
· Database Management
· Information Assurance
· IT Design
· Staff Augmentation and IT Professional Services