As its name indicates, Management Solutions, Inc. (MSI) was created with the federal manager in mind. Our motto is “Finding Solutions for Success” and that is exactly what we do. Day to day, we are approached by federal managers and high level executives inundated with complex problems and with little or no time or expertise to find such solutions. We understand how it feels to run a federal agency or program and find that finding one company to help is difficult and that instead the only alternative is to hire more than one company, each one with one or two areas of expertise and then try to integrate all of their input to solve a given problem in a comprehensive manner. Of course integrating solutions from various vendors is not only expensive and time consuming but practically always imperfect.

MSI brings an alternative to the table, offering federal managers comprehensive solutions that work. While we focus primarily on Engineering, Program Management, IT Solutions and Scientific Support, we have the ability to find seasoned experts in almost any field, through our vast network of subcontractors and consultants. This formula has worked well for our clients and we count with endorsement of a long list of former and current repetitive customers who are extremely satisfied with the results of using MSI and keep coming back again and again.